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National Holidays 2021 Q4

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We've made it to the end of 2021! With the holidays approaching, planning your content ahead of time so you can spend time with family and friends is key. Do yourself a favor this quarter by using this list of National Holidays in Quarter 4 to inspire your social media content.

Here are some of my top picks for Entrepreneurs:


Make a post or campaign around Emotional Wellness Month

10/01 - International Coffee Day / World Smile Day. Both are fun ideas to share a little fun fact about yourself such as your favorite coffee or even to share an updated portrait of yourself. Increase engagement by asking your followers what their favorite coffee is!

10/10 - World Mental Health Day. We've all been forced to focus inwards while we were forced to stay in over the past year. Share your support in mental health day by sharing your experience, or your top tips to prioritize your mental health as an Entrepreneur.

10/16 - National Boss' Day. Let's be honest, most of us are our own bosses, with a team of 1 😂 but this is a great opportunity to share a little "About Me" with your followers on social media. TIP! Share to your personal Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn page to expose yourself to your personal connections and leads.

10/26 - We all love pumpkin carving in the fall! Share a fun behind the scenes of you and your family or friends pumpkin carvings to connect with your audience on a personal level!

10/30 - National CheckList Day. As Entrepreneurs with a lot on our minds and a lot of hats we are handling, we've all used a checklist at some point. Share a checklist of your top 5 business essentials , or a checklist of your ideal productive routine. Remember to ask your followers what they do to encourage conversation!

10/31 Halloween! As long as it's appropriate for the 'Gram, share your outfit this year, or show your Halloween decor around your home and post it to your Reels.


11/09 - Go to an Art Museum Day. Dress up in a classy yet professional outfit, and head over to your local art museum to help celebrate this day and get new content for your page!

11/10 International Accounting Day. As Business Owners, we all need to manage our business and personal finances effectively to succeed. Share your top three tips with apps, and resources your business uses to manage their finances.

11/13 - World Kindness Day. Share a cute quote related to being kind, Here's a fun one I posted to one of my client's page that says "It costs $0 to be a kind human"

11/15 National Recycling Day / National Philanthropy Day. Are you passionate about recycling or a special charity you volunteer at? Share that on November 15th!

11/16 National Entrepreneurs' Day. That's right, today is all about you!!!! Make sure to treat yourself to a nice lunch or a glass of wine to celebrate the hard work you've put into building your own business. You deserve it!

11/25 Thanksgiving. Share what you're grateful for this year!

11/26- /29 Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. Share your favorite deals with your followers on products that they would enjoy. TIP! Use affiliate links whenever possible.


12/14 National Free Shipping Day. Do you sell a product that requires shipping? Here's a great holiday to offer a free shipping promotion to your loyal fans and followers.

12/24 & 12/25 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - enjoy the day with family and friends but feel free to schedule Merry Christmas posts ahead of time!

12/26National Thank you note day. Unless you know personal details about your clients and followers, you don't know what they're celebrating this season. Instead of the usual Christmas posts, send out a thank you post to show your gratitude to your social media followers.

12/31 New Years Eve and National Champagne Day. I'm sure you know what to do here 😉


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