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What social media users are searching for according to Pinterest Predicts

"2021 will be a rebirth, not a reset"

The year of 2021 is about looking towards the future (,Pinterest Predicts), self- reflection and internal work.

People are looking to take back control of their lives, stand up for their communities, and a roadmap to get through this transition.

Internal work means looking online for inspiration and motivation.

But it's not just internal growth, people are looking to change up their environments as well.

Discovering new home decor trends, improving their mindset and spirituality, and trying new things are all ways social media users have been using social media platforms like Pinterest over the past year.

Here are some of my favorite trending topics, and ways you can incorporate these trends to your brand or business.

Home - Neon lights

It's all about the vibe. People want to enjoy their bedrooms by making it an entertaining space.. People are looking to add LED lights and neon into their bedrooms.

If you're not in the home decor space, keep the neon aesthetic top of mind for mood boards and inspiration.

More Examples from Pinterest: neon lights trend

Home - Japandi

Minimalism is in, and so the term "Japandi" was created. Japandi is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian Design.

Neutral shades, minimal decor, and wooden accents are the key elements. Keep this design in mind if you're thinking about re-branding or for brand photoshoots.

More Examples from Pinterest: Japandi Design trend

Health/Wellness - Spirituality

People are getting more in tune with themselves, and working on discovering themselves through non-traditional practices.

Searches include manifestation techniques, zodiac signs, and crystals.

More Examples from Pinterest: spirituality trend

Health/Wellness - Prioritizing sleep

Bedrooms are no longer a thing, sleep sanctuary is more like it.

Social media users are prioritizing their sleep and looking for ways to help them get their full hours of zzs.

Sleepy-time tea recommendations, or sharing your fave essential oil mix before bed are great ways for brands to connect with this primed audience.

More Examples from Pinterest: prioritizing sleep trend

Entrepreneurship - You're the CEO

Trending searches include "entrepreneur motivation" and "small business ideas"

One way that you can use the "entrepreneur motivation" trend is to post your favorite quote that inspires you to get s*** done to inspire other Entrepreneurs! Here are some other post ideas you can try for April, May and June.

More Examples from Pinterest: you're the CEO trend

Hobbies and Interests - Try something new

This one shouldn't come as a surprise since worldwide we were all spending more time at home, with a lot more time on our hands.

Lots of beginners in knife painting, candle making, and more search for ideas online to start a new hobby.

As a brand, encourage your followers to try new things, and to keep trying even when they fail.

More Examples from Pinterest: try something new trend

Progress over perfection

Using analytics from powerful search tools like Pinterest is a powerful way to stay ahead of the trends on social media and the best way to reach new people and stand out on social media.

8/10 of Pinterests predictions for 2020 came true, so it's safe to say that this is a reliable source when it comes to predicting trends.

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