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The most important social media metrics you should be looking at

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Social Media Metrics that actually show your success on social

If you're brand new to using social media as a marketing or business tool,, you will need a Professional or Creator account.

This is different to our personal pages because you can see insights on your posts and stories.

P.S. if you're building a personal brand, you can turn your personal account into a Creator or Professional Account.

I've noticed access to more features using a Creator account so that's what I'd personally recommend.

Wait after post 10 posts to start measuring the top performing posts.. Check out these under-rated ways to track your success on social media.

As you'll see below, your follower number doesn't mean as much as it did a few years ago.

The metrics below are a much more accurate measure of

1) How people that are seeing your posts are interacting with your posts
2) If you're reaching new people on a month-to-month basis
3) How effective your organic strategy is, and if you need to revise hashtags
4) If you have an interesting page
5) The overall number of likes, comments, shares, saves combined for each post

Check out details for each below.

1) Post Engagement Rate

(Based on Reach and Post Interactions)

Go into your insights on your phone, and scroll down to Content You Shared

Click on the Last Year drop down menu

Change to Last 30 days (If you're measuring on a month-to-month basis - highly recommended)

Click on the Reach drop down menu and click Post Interactions and write down the first 1-3 posts, I did the first one with 77 Post Interactions as an example

Click on each post and then click on the blue View Insights button

Look at the the number over Reach and write it down

So now I have 77 Post Interactions and 1,264 Reach,

Time for some math!

Take your Post Interactions (77) / Reach (1264) and X 100 = 6.09% is the engagement rate based on the number of people have seen this post and decided to interact with it.

What this tells you: 6% of people who saw this post interacted with it.

Whether this is good or not is based on your industry, but anything above 5% is considering above average, and 10% or above is amazing!

Look at this if you're trying to.... share more content people actually vibe with

2) Reach

Use an Excel sheet or Project Management Software to create a sheet to track your social media insights.

How can you improve if you're not keeping track of data and reviewing it consistently?

Tracking insights is critical in your social media strategy so make this a monthly priority!

After just 30 days (at least 3 posts per week or 12 posts), you'll be able to see valuable data, including how many social media users are seeing your post on their feed.

More views = more engagements = more opportunities to grow on social media, Reach should always be apart of your social media strategy.

What this tells you: Think of this as the number of pairs of eyeballs that have laid eyes on your posts,

Look at this if you're trying to... Reach more and more people consistently

P.S. Reach and Hashtags go hand-in-hand so check out 3) for additional details.

3) % of People that found you for each post that aren't following you

There are only a few ways people can find you organically, or for free without paying to promote your posts.

➡️ Through other people sharing your posts

➡️ Through the explore page

➡️ Through the location tag

➡️ Through hashtags

Remember that View Insights button? You'll be clicking this often whenever dealing with insights.

If you click it, and scroll down to Discovery, you'll see View Insights button

In my case, 86% weren't following my client's page.


861 people or 68% of the people that saw this post found it through the hashtags I used

What this tells you: It is still possible to reach new people for free if you use the right hashtags.

Elle Synergy has an amazing Free Hashtag Guide that you can find by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page and sharing your email.

This stuff is Gold!

Look at this if you're trying to.. .Get new people to find your brand organically

4) Follower Growth rate per month

Unpopular opinion: I don't think follow numbers prove anything.

BUT I do believe in keeping track of follower count on a month-to-month basis to track Follower Growth Rate.

After two or three months, you'll see two growth rates per month. If it's positive, you're on the right track!

What this tells you: If you're creating valuable posts that are attracting new people to follow you

Look at this if you're trying to... Build a community of engaged followers on social media

5) Post Interactions

If you read the Post Engagement Section you already know your Post Interactions are important.

Record the post with the top number of Post Interactions on a monthly basis.

What this tells you: This will tell you if you are getting more likes, comments, saves, and shares over time.

Look at this if you're trying to... Create engaging content and grow on Instagram

Want us to create your social media posts and track the analytics for you?


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