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How to add someone as an Administrator or Page Role on Facebook page (new 2022 version)

If you're like me and tried giving someone Facebook Administrator access on Facebook, and was unsuccessful, you're not alone. Facebook still has the old instructions on how to give someone administrator access, and it only applies if your page hasn't been updated to the New Pages Experience

Facebook updated many pages automatically, so you may not even know that your page has been updated until you realize the menu and formatting has changed. If that's the case, try the instructions below to add a new role to your Facebook page.

1. Check to see which account you're logged into. You can see that by looking at your profile picture located at the top right hand side of the screen. (I believe you may be logged into the Pelham page since you weren't able to follow the instructions above, but if I'm wrong let me know first before you move on to step 2).

2. Click your profile picture at the right hand side of the screen

3. Click Settings & privacy

4. Click Settings

5. Click New Pages Experience on the left side of the screen

6. Click Add New Next to People with Facebook access

7. Click Next

8. Type in Maressa Benz (I'm in a purple shirt)

9. Click the blue button Give Access

10. Enter your Facebook Password

11. Click Confirm


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