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National Holidays 2021 Q3

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Save yourself some time this quarter by using this list of National Holidays in Quarter 3 to inspire your social media content.

Here are some of my top picks for Entrepreneurs:


7/12 We all need some time to enjoy the moment. Share how you're enjoying the moment for National Simplicity Day

7/19 Who doesn't love ice cream?! Encourage your followers to share their favorite flavor by creating a poll on your Instagram Stories for National Ice Cream Day

7/25 National Wine and Cheese I really need to say more?

729 Do you have an intern working for you that you can acknowledge - or would you be open to hiring one to help your business grow? National Intern Day would be the perfect day to do that!

7/31 If you're obsessed with avocados like I am... treat yourself to avocado toast and don't feel shy to share it on your story for National Avocado Day


8/03 It's important to connect with your followers on a personal level, which is why I think posting pictures of yourself every once in a while is totally okay! Post a cute picture with a watermelon for summer vibes on National Watermelon Day

08/03 Got a fur baby that meows? Post your kitty for International Cat Day

"Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is the approximate day a Black woman must work into the new year to make what white non-Hispanic man made at the end of the previous year."

....You can show your ally ship by promoting awareness of Black Women's Equal Pay Day

8/14 National Finance Awareness Day

8/15 National Relaxation Day

8/26 Women's Equality Day and International Dog Day

8/28 National Red Wine Day

8/30 National Beach Day - where my fellow beach lovers at?!


Share a post for Self-Care Awareness Month , Self Improvement Month and/or Hispanic Heritage Month

9/05 International Day of Charity share your favorite charity to your story and ask your followers to support them!

9/06 Reading helps expand your knowledge, so share your fave biz book for National Read a Book Day

09/12 We can always hear some uplifting words, share your favorite encouraging quote for National Day of Encouragement

9/13 Positive Thinking Day

9/18 International Equal Pay Day

9/21 World Gratitude Day

9/29 National Coffee Day

9/30 International Podcast Day and International Women's Health & Fitness Day


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