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National Holidays 2021 Q2

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Need inspiration for your social media posts for the Q2? Here are some fun ideas for you that can inspire connection with your followers.

Here are some of my top picks for Entrepreneurs:


Share a post for Stress Awareness Month

4/3 Support your favorite hand-made brands on National Handmade Day

4/07 Share how you take care of your health on World Health day, or if you've been slacking (ahem, me...share your favorite beer for National Beer Day)

4/11 Share your fur-pet for National Pet Day

4/15 Share your favorite artist or piece of art in your home for National Art Day

4/23 Share your favorite book for World Book Day

4/25 Give your hairstylist some love by sharing a good hair day post for National Hairstylist Appreciation Day


Share a post for Mental Health Awareness Month / Photography Day

5/2 Share a funny meme or story for World Laughter Day

5/6 Update your password (and tell others to!) for World Password Day

5/13 Share a picture of your best happy hour look for World Cocktail Day


Share a post for LGBTQ Pride Month

6/4 Cheese or donuts? Tough choice, but you can post about one or both for National Cheese Day and/or National Donut Day

6/18 Make it a branded photoshoot & enjoy a picnic for International Picnic Day

6/21 Share a screenshot of your current playlist for World Music Day

6/29 Whether you use your iPhone or a professional camera, share your camera for National Camera Day

6/30 Post something that inspires you or makes you laugh for Social Media Day


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