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Why I became a Social Media Manager

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

A personal note from Maressa on her transition into starting off as a Social Media Manager, and how teaching people how to use it strategically is her mission.

My journey and passion in the tech space started in 2006 when I got my first Apple product: The iPod Nano. From this moment forward, I was obsessed with technology, music, and photography.

This passion never went away, and I still incorporate all three on my social media. It was when I connected my strengths of being a person who loves to plan, organize, and create, that I decided to make “Social Media Manager” be not only a title, but a career that I would fully invest myself in.

Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook and reach out to me with your social media struggles & I’ll try to get it answered in my new Social Media Chat IGTV series!

Here are 4 reasons why I became a Social Media Manager

The fulfillment of making a difference in people’s lives.

I get to make a difference in not just one person’s life- but tens, and sometimes thousands of people.

The entire process of doing research, creating a strategy, and creating content is so fascinating to me. For those of you who make your own content, you know the time commitment it takes to be active on social media.

But every hour I spend working on putting out better content, I feel more and more thankful that my hours are being spent making a difference in at least one person’s life.

This is only the actual content creation part. When small business owners trust me to help them grow their business, I don’t take that for granted. I understand that growing your business is a job in itself, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to create content for your social media pages.

I know that each month I’m creating content for my clients, I’m helping them become more visible, and grow their audience, and make a difference in their and their customers’ lives. It’s a very fulfilling feeling for me!

Bringing more positivity to the world by spreading positivity online. Ever since my friend showed me this new app called Instagram when I was in my Sophomore year of high school, I fell in love.

I already loved taking and being pictures during the MySpace days, so Instagram was yet another place where I can share my photos, see my friends photos, and chat with them online.

When people share selfies, or pictures that required some thought, I always loved to acknowledge it and send a nice message like “Oooh girl 😍” or “That view looks amazing! Have a great trip! 🏝”

Leaving nice comments is rewarding for the receiver and the giver. This is why I encourage my clients to include engagement strategies when we’re deciding on the best social media program for them.

Social media was created as a place for us to connect, so the best way to honor that is to leave nice comments, and uplift others! The world could always use more kindness and a simple way to do that is by spreading positivity online.

When you’re creating content for your small business, you should always create content that inspires, entertains, and informs/educates.

I love helping small businesses strategize their digital presence. With more than 50% of the world’s population on social media, it’s no surprise that utilizing the appropriate social media platforms is a huge opportunity to grow your audience and expand your brand.

Social media is free advertising (when you’re creating organic content) for your business, and a way to connect with your target audience one-on-one.

The ever-changing nature of social media keeps me on my toes If you get overwhelmed easily with change, staying on top of your social media game will be difficult due to the constant change in this world.

From new updates, to new features, to changes in the algorithm, we are in a time that technology is becoming smarter and adjusting faster and social media is included in this. If you’re not into it, then hire someone that is! This is the #1 quality to look for in a Social Media Manager. That way you don’t have to worry about if you’re keeping up with the latest changes. There’s someone that studies that on a daily basis and keeps an eye on that for you (me I’m someone 😉)

Knowing why I do ➡️ what I do ⬅️ keeps me focused on being a quality Social Media Manager for my clients.


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